Three Scents that have the Ladies Fanning Themselves

This is a Guest Post by Lucy Pilz

Listen up lads: a well perfumed man echoes manliness… And grabs my nose’s attention! If a man was to walk past me tweaking my nostrils from a sexy scent, I cannot guarantee that I won’t be arrested for jumping the guy, then and there. Manly scents open a floodgate of serotonin and it is definitely deemed dangerous – you have been warned men of Sydney!

On the other hand, if a man struts past me doused in an overpowered, trigger-happy scent: I will probably topple over in tears. It doesn’t matter how much of an Abercrombie & Fitch model you might be; if you don’t nail your scent you will have me running for the hills.

So, here are my top picks for manliness in a bottle!

[title subtitle=””]MICHAEL KORS FOR MEN[/title]

michael kors fragrance hunny pack

The guy I first had a (proper) crush on was a dedicated Michael Kors fans. It is thus no surprise that I am an epic admirer of this man jam. With woody, dry but bold notes, it is a devilishly sensual scent that is epic nasal nirvana to get the ladies endorphins going.

Powerful yet discreet woody oriental upper notes are what makes this an equation for seduction and a definite aider in the panties-dropping kind of lust!

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[title subtitle=””]Ralph Lauren Polo Blue[/title]

This iconic scent is dense in casual elegance, and does not even clock in on the wanker-over-powering-scale (it is a definite winner from a female’s perspective). It is the cool notes that call for a primitive invigoration and the explosive use of melon de cavaillon and basil verbena that has the ladies fanning themselves (trust me, it happens to me with this scent). It delivers scent-spiration to any male in brut force, and definitely distinguishes the men from the boys.

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[title subtitle=””]JAY Z GOLD[/title]

You might have 99 problems, but your scent shouldn’t be one of them!

Jay Z knows music and he knows how to make a man smell powerful and a girl become mesmerised in an instant! This cocktail of grapefruit, warm ginger, vetiver, rich amber and smoky myrrh, topped off with smooth wood and vanilla, takes any ladies’ nasal passage on a journey of pure bliss. Jay Z Gold is a symphony of carefully curated scent lyrics composed into an elegant bottle, giving any man a modern classic scent.

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Lucy Pilz is the editor of the infamous beauty blog, Skeeter and Scout,and the soon-to-launch travel blog, The Wanderlust Scout. She is a social media maven by day, and blogger by night, loves all things perfumed, is a francophile, a shoe hoarder and has a soft spot for anyone with an accent!