The Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer Lets You Stay Active With Kids

When kids come into your life, it can seem hard to get back to the adventurous life you had before children. Although doing things like biking might seem impossible, you can continue your pre-kid adventures with the little ones in tow.

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Almost 90 percent of being a good parent is showing up. Biking with your kids can help them have a new appreciation for the outdoors and is a great way for families to bond and experience adventure. It is also a great way for the entire family to stay active and fit.


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What if your little one is not old enough to ride a bike of their own? Well, bike trailers make it easy to cycle with kids. They are a sound investment for active families and are usually much safer than bike seats. A good bike trailer can act as a roll-cage of sorts.

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One of my favourite bicycle trailers is the Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer. This trailer is ideal for taking the kids on an afternoon journey of discovery or everyday walks through the city. The Chariot Cross Trailer is available in both a single or double style. It comes with a strolling kit and a biking kit. There is also an optional jogging kit and skiing kit available. These options are ideal for families that are into multiple activities.

This trailer is built for both safety and performance. It can tackle pretty rough terrain, so it’s perfect for camping trips with the little ones. Safety features include a 5-point safety harness. There is an XL storage space for gear. The trailer folds making it convenient to bring with you on your family weekend adventure trip.

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