Tilt is the World’s Most Portable Magnetic Laptop Stand

The problem with laptop screens is that they are considerably lower than eye level. To accommodate its position, we unconsciously change our posture to a lean which can result in tension in the neck and back causing discomfort and pain. There are products on the market that elevate your laptop screen, however many of them are bulky and inconvenient. As laptops are designed for portability, a stand needs to follow suit. That’s where Tilt comes in. Tilt is a portable laptop stand designed so you can comfortably work anywhere, anytime.

laptop on the magnetic stand and flowerpot

Aussie start up JRDO designed Tilt so that assembly takes all of 5 seconds and the stand is secured in place by an integrated magnetic system. Built from bamboo, Tilt is lightweight and environmentally friendly. It’s also incredibly slim and could fit inside a case along with your laptop. The additional benefit of raising a laptop off of a surface is the increased airflow which will naturally assist with overheating. Tilt can support all 11, 13 and 15-inch laptops, plus tablets if touchscreens are your thing.

magnetic laptop stand held hand

JRDO is campaigning to fund Tilt on Kickstarter by seeking the very modest sum of $10,000. You can lock in a Tilt for the super early bird price of $40 with shipping expected July 2017. Do yourself and JRDO a favour and support Tilt. In return, Tilt will support you.

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gold color magnetic laptop stand and flowerpor

back side of magnetic laptop stand

various item in the place design view magnetic laptop stand

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