Tools to Retake Your Fitness in 2014

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This is a guest post from Eric Bach.

With each passing day another resolutioner falls off the resolution bandwagon and into the familiar habits and patterns. Most resolutions fail not for a lack of effort, but a lack of planning and support. There’s no day like the present to take control of your fitness. With these three products in your arsenal you’ll be equipped with the gear, knowledge, and support to take your fitness to new heights in 2014.

The Precision Nutrition System

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As the fitness industry continues to take off the important of education continues to rise. The experts at Precision Nutrition have the perfect system to help you take control and design individualized nutrition for your body and your goals. With over 11 personalization guides and expert support on PN will help to take control of your body and surpass all of your goals.

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Hylete Clothing

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Let’s get this straight—No one likes the cut-off t-shirt, baggy baller shorts, flat brim hat look at the gym. Class things up and support your active lifestyle with Hylete. With a full line of gear from bags and hats to compressions, t-shirts, and shorts Hylete’s got you covered with light-weight durable gear to help you live their creed” train, complete, live” to the fullest.

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Online Personal Training

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Sick of spending $80/hour for a quality personal trainer? Sick of near impossible scheduling around your trainers openings? Even worse, sick of low quality trainers that aren’t getting results?

Problems solved. Online personal training has taken the fitness industry by storm and doesn’t show signs of slowing down. Now, you can find many of your favorite trainers online with convenient, effective training plans that give you the specialized attention without the common hassles of personal training.

It might not be January first, but it’s the perfect time to re-take control of your fitness and build a body that serves you. These three tools will give you the tools, looks, and guidance to dominate 2014 and beyond.

In pursuit of strong, shredded, athletic,

Eric Bach is a Denver based trainer who owns and operates Bach Performance. Eric coaches busy professionals, athletes, and determined clients both online and in-person. Join Eric at Bachperformance or on Facebook