Top 10 Grooming Essentials For Fall And Winter

Our skin is actually our largest bodily organ and it’s important to maintain it in optimum health. That means moisturizing, a healthy diet, plenty of fluids, and keeping it clean. Your hair can also suffer from the dryness, plus, split ended facial fuzz is kind of like advertising that you don’t care about yourself. So do it right, guys!

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Gentlemen, the time to prepare your skin and hair for winter is now, before plummeting temperatures and humidity levels do a number on your face and hair. Stay looking effortlessly fabulous this season with a few simple tips and products aka grooming essentials. Best yet, these products can be had for a song. There’s no need to break the bank for personal grooming essentials that every man should consider essential. Even Next Luxury has a brand new section with deals for men that offers you an avalanche of special coupons and other ways to insulate your bank account while you preserve your sense of cool. Presenting our list of grooming essentials.

Fiercely Awesome

bulldog natural skincare

Don’t wind up looking like you belong in the doghouse with flaky, irritated dry skin this winter. Check out Bull Dog Natural Skin Care’s original moisturizer. It’s a great, easy to use facial moisturizer and grooming essential that you can apply before you step out of doors in the morning. Plus, it’s natural—no nasty parabens or phthalates for your good looking mug—and unscented, so you won’t have to worry about wafting into a room before you cross the threshold.

Just Dove It

dove men care moisturizing body wash

It isn’t just for the girls, Men, so don’t be shy about tossing a bottle of Dove’s Men+ Care Moisturizing Body Wash into the cart the next time you’re drafted for grocery duty. Rather than stripping your skin of its natural oils as ordinary soap does, a moisturizing wash gently cleanses dirt and impurities from your skin, leaving the nourishing oils intact. Winter skin can hurt when dryness reaches a critical threshold, so cut to the chase and beat the winter dryness. When it comes to grooming essentials, put body moisturizing at the top of your list for sure!

Balm to the Soul

nivea express hydration

Don’t forget that your whole skin gets dry in the winter, even when you cover it in layers of clothing. Experts say its best to apply a lightweight lotion all over just after bathing. Considering that hot water, while it feels great on chilly mornings, also dries your skin, spread the love all over with Nivea Express Hydration body lotion. Because it’s ultra-light, it won’t leave behind that sticky feeling that classic body lotions are known for.

Kissy Face

every man jack lip balm


Your lips need a protective shield when it gets cold, dry, and windy. Remember, just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean that the sun stops burning your skin, either. Protect yourself with Every Man Jack lip balm, complete with SPF 15. This superman lip balm will keep your mouth a kissable zone, and keep split or peeling lips far from you wherever you go. If you enjoy kissing even a little, proper lip balms should be among your most cherished grooming essentials.

After NoShave November

gillette hydrating shave cream

You’ll be back to your daily shaving routine when the month of November turns its last page. December and January often hold some of the most brutal winter weather in store for skin, so protect it in everything you do, including the razor and soap act. Gillette Hydrating Shave Cream is a great way to make this a no-brainer, especially before coffee. This product is enriched with aloe, but free of dyes or perfumes that can assault freshly shaven winter skin.

Survival on the Go

line of hemp oil product

Your hands endure some of the fiercest abuse during the chill of winter. The Body Shop offers you a total solution to painful, chapped hands by way of their grooming essentials. Their line of hemp oil products includes hand cream in a well-sealed, small tube that will travel well in the glove compartment or your backpack. Hemp is an ultra moisture-rich plant, with amino acids and essential oils in abundance that will help you form a barrier between your skin and the elements.

Exfoliate Gently

dermalogica micro exfoliant

Even if it seems counterintuitive, gentle exfoliation will help to maintain the health and resilience of winter skin. By lightly removing dead skin cells and dirt, Dermalogica’s microexfoliant facial treatment will keep your face looking smooth and kissable. They utilize natural enzymes from green pineapple, salicylic acid, and other gentle substances that won’t leave your skin feeling stripped naked and smarting.

Dynamic Duo

intensive moisture balance facial lotion

Dermalogica wants you to stay looking your best, this winter and always. When you’ve uncovered that baby-soft skin with their microexfoliant facial wash, don’t forget to moisturize your gorgeous mug. They offer the perfect compliment with their Intensive Moisture Balance facial lotion. With this light but luxurious lotion, you’ll put your best face on every meeting.

Face the Alarm

invigorating face wash from neutrogena

If you’re a regular bear in the winter and have difficulties shaking off sleep, try this positively perky Invigorating Face Wash from Neutrogena. Packed with essential oils that will clear your pores and open your eyes with freshness, it won’t dry out your already tender skin, so you’ll be ready to go whatever the Winter weather forecast has in store for you.

That Flaky Feeling

head and shoulder dandruff shampoo

Is your scalp a little on the itchy irritated side during the winter? With dark colors so much a part of masculine fashion, prevent a dusting of something that isn’t snow with Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance For Men 2-In-1 Dandruff Shampoo And Conditioner. Don’t be a flake, plan ahead for success and good looks with this easy remedy.

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