The 1M Hauly Makes Money Transport Easy

If you’ve got to deal in large amounts of cash and you’re not a duffle bag boy, the 1M Hauly is something to look into.

In many cultures and situations around the globe, the need arises to carry large sums of money from here to there. When the occasion arises, it must be done discretely and securely. The Hauly can help.

hauly money transport bag body shape

Created to address the six main concerns with walking around with a large sum of money in cash, the Hauly helps avoid discovery, damage, awkwardness (to carry,) size, loading, and in-the-moment stock-taking.

Tested in the city and rural areas alike, the 1M Hauly will effectively help assist in carrying up to one million US dollars in 100 dollar banknotes or other loads of comparable sizes.

hauly money transport black color bag

Rugged loops on either side of the Hauly are large and strong enough to fit a large gloved hand and can support carabinas or ties if other attachments are necessary. The material of the bag itself is may what is most impressive. Stronger than Kevlar and about half its weight, the material still manages to maintain an inconspicuous appearance.

hauly money transport bag chain system

While perfect for a mission of the utmost importance, the 1M Hauly also serves as a great functional carry for any trip or luggage-needed occasion.

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