7 reasons why flying 787 dreamliner

7 Reasons Why Flying on a 787 Dreamliner is Better For You

Having recently flown from Sydney to Houston on the United 787 Dreamliner Polaris, we can say with certainty that the roomy twin-engine aircraft easily lives up to the hype. And if you’ve been paying attention, you know that’s quite a lot of hype to live up to. It’s then no surprise that Boeing’s industry-leading vessels have become part of numerous airline fleets around the world, which is definitely good news for passengers. After all, less stress and more comfort invariably result in a healthier state of mind and body alike. For a full overview of the experience lying in wait for business class travellers on the United 787 Dreamliner Polaris, be sure to scope our in-depth review. Otherwise, here are 7 reasons why flying on a 787 Dreamliner is better for you.

flying 787 dreamliner view

It’s Faster

Hoping to get from Sydney to New York City as quickly as possible? Look no further than the 787 Dreamliner (through either United or Qantas). Making a quick stopover in Houston, the plane gets passengers from Sydney Airport to New York’s LaGuardia Airport in approximately 20 hours and 40 minutes or less, and that includes the layover time of about two hours. Sure, just under 21 hours is still a long time to sit in the air, but it certainly beats the 23 hours and up that you’ll get on other aircraft. Meanwhile, the mere sound of spending less time flying and more time vacationing is already reducing those stress levels.

It’s Roomier

Being cramped and flying high seems to go hand in hand these days. Not so when you’re taking the 787 Dreamliner. That is to say, the plane features bigger windows, higher ceilings, a commodious cabin, and larger overhead bins, among other things. Lending the cabin an even greater sense of spaciousness is some expert use of overhead LED lighting. As any frequent traveller can attest, even a little extra room goes a long way, especially during extended flights. The 787 Dreamliner duly abides.

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It’s Healthier

You might be wondering: how can one plane be “healthier” than the next? Well, the 787 is pressurised at a lower altitude than other aircraft, meaning there’s more available oxygen on board. Consequently, you’ll breathe better, sleep better, and feel better. Furthermore, thanks to the materials used during construction, the 787 offers more humidity and moisture in the cabin. In turn, your nasal passageways won’t dry out as easily. Again, that improves your breathing and sleeping alike.

It’s Cleaner

Speaking of better air, the 787 Dreamliner cabin uses a high-tech air purification system along with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters to combat harmful molecules, foul odours, viruses, and bacteria. As if all that weren’t enough, a gaseous filtration system eradicates additional irritants. Once again, the result is easier breathing, along with a reduction in things like dry nasal passageways, fatigue, and headaches. Plus, you have a far lesser chance of catching an airborne illness.

flying 787 dreamliner seats view

It Reduces Jet Lag

Travelling overseas can be a truly rewarding experience or an absolute nightmare, and sometimes the difference boils down to a bad case of jet lag. That’s why every aspect of the 787 Dreamliner–from the cabin lighting to the temperature to the timing of meals to the recipes themselves–has been optimised to reduce jet lag. Pair that with the aforementioned improvements to interior air quality and you’re once again looking at a healthier experience in the literal sense of the concept.

It’s Smoother

No matter how safe flying has become, the association between shaky turbulence and personal stress or motion sickness remains palpable. Thanks to a bevy of technological touch-ups, however, the 787 Dreamliner delivers a downright smooth ride. Specifically, the aircraft comes equipped with “Smoother Ride Technology” and a “Gust Suppression System,” which collectively utilise “smart sensors” to detect oncoming turbulence and furthermore optimise the rudder and flaps. The result is a discernible lack of external disturbances and an eightfold reduction in motion sickness (according to Boeing).

787 dreamliner airplane side

It’s Just Plain Better

A sleek aesthetic. Electronic window shades. Optimal cabin speakers. Streamlined lavatories with motion-activated flush and self-closing seats. You can expect to find all this and more aboard the 787 Dreamliner. Throw in impeccable fuel efficiency, cleaner air, faster flight times, and roomier cabins, and you get a plane that’s just plain better. Oh, and did we mention that the service is top notch and the food delicious? Or that Saks Fifth Avenue provides the bedding for the Business Class seats? Well, in our separate review we did, but we’re mentioning it here as well. Indeed, it all makes for an all-around better flight, and that’s better for you in any number of ways. Don’t ruin your next trip before you’ve even landed. Hop on a 787 Dreamliner instead, so that your vacation might start as soon as you’ve taken off.

Man of Many travelled as a guest of United Airlines from Sydney to Houston.