Feeling Brave? Join Airbnb on a Research Sabbatical to Antarctica

Are you hungry for adventure? Does the mundane monotony of everyday life bore you? Well, maybe it’s time for a little adventure.

That’s where Airbnb comes in. In partnership with Ocean Conservancy, Airbnb is searching for five volunteers to participate in the Antarctica Sabatical. You could be joining environmental scientist Kirstie Jones-Williams on a first-of-its-kind scientific expedition investigating the presence of microplastics on the most isolated continent on Earth–Antarctica.

Not for the faint of heart, the trip begins in Chile where you’ll spend two weeks training, both physically and mentally, so you’re prepared to conduct research in Antarctica’s harsh environment. Here you’ll be introduced to the rest of the team, check your gear, learn all the scientific jargon, and explore the wild Chilean outdoors.

Week three will find you making your way to the most isolated continent on earth. Once you hit the ground in Union Glacier Camp, Antarctica, you’ll spend the next ten days doing some hard yakka working and exploring. Whilst you’re there, you’ll get the chance to visit the South Pole and explore the beauty of Antarctic sites like the Drake Icefall, Charles Peak Windscoop and Elephant’s Head.

The trip also offers incredible opportunities to ride snowmobiles and fat bikes, but much of your time will be spent hand-in-hand with your team, collecting snow samples to be studied in the lab, and building your research to see if microplastics are present in Antarctica’s interior.

Do you think you’re up to the challenge?

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