Airbnb Luxe is a Special Tier of Housing

With so many options out there for places to stay and locations to visit, it can be a daunting task to narrow that list down to just the right one. But why stress out when there are experts who can help? Airbnb Luxe not only points you to the most amazing and beautiful homes or apartments to stay in, but it also connects you with a trip designer who can help you craft an unforgettable vacation experience.

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“Airbnb Luxe is built on the deep expertise in luxury travel Airbnb gained from its acquisition of Luxury Retreats in 2017,” explains Airbnb’s blog post announcement of the new tier of service the company is offering. “This new tier launches with more than 2,000 handpicked homes around the world, each one passing strict evaluation across 300-plus criteria to meet standards in both design and function.”

For a home to make it onto this tier it must meet Airbnb Luxe’s “elevated design standards,” which can include things like “premium materials and finishes and rare and unique features.” It also has to function at a higher level, with things like “chef-grade appliances” and enough bathrooms for every bedroom.

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As for the trip designer, these individuals are “dedicated, highly trained” individuals who will make sure that your stay is tailored to your needs, wants, and dreams. They help to streamline your booking and check-in, and they will help coordinate local experiences and activities. They can help find services as well, such as childcare, private chefs, or in-house massage therapists.

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This new service doesn’t come cheap—it’s designed for those customers willing to spend more than $1,000 a night. Airbnb still wants to rent out the tiny rooms as well, and they’ll continue with their regular services. The move is a part of Airbnb’s evolution into a full-service hotel and travel platform, which has them pitted against websites like Expedia, as well as hotels like Marriott and Four Seasons.

Where Airbnb looks to set itself apart is through the services it provides—services that allow you to enjoy your vacation rather than stress out about what you’re going to do and where you’ll be.

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