The Awayco Surfboard Membership Lets You Surf the Globe Without the Baggage

Travelling with a board is the worst, especially when venturing overseas. That’s why Awayco created a way for you to break the board bag ball and chain and surf almost anywhere with ease.

Awayco is a global surfboard-membership program that invites you to book the world’s best boards for a monthly fee and drop it back off when you’re done. The best part is Awayco currently operates at 17 locations across Australia, Bali and California.

many awayco surfboard view

With Awayco, you can move through the world more freely. Fewer belongings mean less planning is required. Consequently, you have more time to play. Awayco has hundreds of boards to suit everyone from beginners to pros and if you find a board’s not right for you, take it back and swap it for another one.

Here’s an Awayco hack: Next business trip, sign up for a surfboard membership and turn the monotony of work into a sneaky surf holiday. Awayco gives you the option to test the latest technologies or simply shred on a shortboard or longboard, then do it again tomorrow and again the day after and again…

awayco surfboard body structure

Awayco is in its trial period, so the surfboard program is currently invite-only. If you get in touch with Awayco on Instagram right here, you will score your first month free when the program is up and running.

Feature Image: Trevor Moran

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