Bagtag Quits the Queue

Bagtag is looking to free you from the interminable waits at airports. One of the drudgeries of traveling is having to deal with the long lines at airports. The recent addition of checking in digitally has freed up some time in that regard, but you still have to wait in line to check in your luggage. Then, after dealing with tired and impatient fellow travelers and surly counter reps, an adhesive label is slapped onto your bag and you just might be sent to wait in another line to hand off your luggage. And that’s where the worrying begins—will the tag be read correctly? Will it get smeared, torn, or ripped off? Will your bag make it to the proper destination.

Bagtag has a solution for all of those challenges. With Bagtag, you check into your flight and then, using the Bluetooth low energy connectivity, you check in your bag. At the airport, the included RFID chip lets you drop of your bag and you’re off to relax at the gate before your flight—no lines, no hassle. Bagtag uses a ultra low power e-paper display to show all the information airlines need to get your bags to the right place. Bagtag is also super durable—it would have to be given the abuse your luggage takes. Because it’s digital, it’s better for the environment as well. Austrian, Lufthansa, and Swiss airlines are already equipped for this technology. Isn’t it time for you to quit waiting in lines?

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