Cathay Pacific’s First Class Hong Kong Lounge Review

For those travelling from Hong Kong by way of Cathay Pacific First Class, the airline’s two (yes, two) luxurious First Class lounges will have you showing up for your flight extra early. Respectively dubbed The Pier and The Wing, both lounges offer delicious food, private retreats, elegant ambience, top-shelf service, and so much more. It’s then no surprise that these sanctuaries of splendour rank among the best in the world, with The Pier, in particular, garnering perennial heaps of critical acclaim.

We were lucky enough to get a hands-on taste on our recent press trip to Hong Kong and New York. We dive into the details below, so that you can now get a head start on booking one of The Pier’s day suites or The Wing’s private cabanas. And for those travelling Business Class, be sure to check out our separate review on Cathay Pacific’s similarly spectacular Business Class experience. Everyone else, prepare for some serious pampering.

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Spread out across Cathay Pacific’s hub at Hong Kong International Aiport are no less than seven lounges in total, nearly all of which are held in high regard. Should you have enough time on your hands, you might consider checking out as many of these lounges as possible, since each one has something special to offer. For example, The Wing Business Class lounge is known for its massively popular noodle bar.

However, if you’d rather stick with the First Class experience, we certainly wouldn’t blame you. To that end, both The Wing First Class lounge and The Pier First lounge deliver an endless stream of luxurious perks. Let’s start with The Wing, which is located on the upper floor, and accessible by elevator. To enter its domain is to be immediately flanked by marble floors, plush seating, and tall windows. Help yourself to a complimentary glass of champagne, or take a seat at the full-service bar. If you’re hungry, consider venturing into Haven Restaurant, where you’ll find delicious Dim Sum along with a range of à la carte Western dishes. It’s also worth noting that The Wing shares real estate with the Business Class lounge, putting you within close proximity of the aforementioned Noodle Bar.

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Meanwhile, The Wing’s foremost appeal remains its private cabanas, which must be booked in advance. Think of it like having your own minimalist hotel room in the most unlikely of places. Accordingly, each cabana hosts wood panelling, a private bath and shower, a work desk, a chair, and a sink. Also included are a personal robe and slippers, which respectively drive home the exclusive vibe. Put it all together and you might very well forget you’re in an airport, and that’s most definitely the point.

Speaking of exclusivity, Cathay Pacific’s other First Class lounge, The Pier, is a veritable dominion of luxury unto itself. Accessible by escalator, the lounge hovers underneath the main floor, and renders an immediate impression by way of its spacious layout, and thoroughly modern decor. As you explore the area, it becomes self-evident as to why The Pier is often pointed to as one of the greatest First Class lounges on the planet.

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Like a labyrinth of leisure, The Pier is broken up into various sections. For those seeking a quick bite or beverage, hit up The Pantry, which hosts a stacked spread of sandwiches, fruits, pastries, breads, and other small bites. Should you have more time on your hands, head over to The Dining Room, and choose from among a variety of seasonal à la carte dishes. Nearby, at The Bar, an experienced bartender can whip you up a delicious craft cocktail.

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If you need to get some work done, The Pier is more than happy to accommodate. For starters, there are a variety of open seating areas, including The Library, which comes decked out in supremely comfortable sofas and chairs. Should you be seeking something more private, hit up The Bureau, where you’ll find private workstations with desktop computers. Available throughout all areas is high-speed WiFi, while a number of the seats are equipped with USB ports.

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As busy you might be, there’s no harm in unplugging for a while, and getting in some quality relaxation time. On that front, The Pier certainly has you covered. Specifically, it hosts a mini-oasis within the larger one, which goes by the name of The Retreat. Here, you’ll find personal shower rooms and eight personal day suites. Inside each shower room is a swath of toiletries and grooming products. Meanwhile, each suite features a daybed for naps, as well as a reading light and private curtain.

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As if all that wasn’t enough, The Retreat additionally offers three complimentary spa services: a Signature Gentlemen’s Tonic Foot Massage, a Reinvigorating Neck, Shoulder & Scalp Massage, and a Signature Gentlemen’s Tonic The Traveller Eye Revitaliser. Will you have to sign up and wait a little while to receive one of these complimentary services? Most likely. But that’s why you came extra early. After all, what good is a First Class lounge if you don’t enjoy it? And at The Pier, that enjoyment is seemingly limitless in its potential.

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Man of Many travelled to Hong Kong and New York as a guest of Cathay Pacific and Langham Hospitality Group

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