Charles Simon Designs Bull Leather and Cherrywood Watchcase

Charles G. Tremblay and Simon Maltais are at it again. The former aeronautical engineers have been making luxury luggage with their company, Charles Simon, since 2014. Now the Montreal-based duo have designed a briefcase made of bull leather and cherry wood that works as a watch case.

briefcase inside view

The briefcase is made of carbon fibre panels on an anodised aluminium skeleton to create a strong and lightweight piece of luggage. That strength is needed as the case’s cargo area can hold up to 10 watches. A case of this quality won’t be holding just any watches, but the most valuable watches a collector may have. The watches are kept secure with a combination lock in the handle.

The interior is lined with Alcantara and split into ten individual boxes to hold those watches. The exterior of the case is clad in young bull leather, which is sourced from Carriat, a French, family-owned tannery founded in 1927 that works with fashion houses like Dior and Hermes, and cherry wood pieces that have been hollowed out to help drop the weight.

The cherry wood comes from timber that has been rescued from Canada’s waterways after being submerged over 100 years ago. The case is rectangular in shape and the leather has been dyed a subtle navy blue.

leather briefcase handle

A case like this doesn’t come cheap. Each case is handmade to order, and the quality of the components is top-notch. You can expect to pay USD$12,725 for a case like this. That may seem like a lot, but consider what could be carried in this case. Higher-end watches run in the thousands of dollars. With slots for ten watches, the price of the cargo inside of the case quickly exceeds your investment.

Then consider that some watches even run up into the millions, you’ll easily understand why you need a case like this when travelling with your precious collection.

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navy blue leather briefcase

briefcase side view

Navy Bull Leather and Cherrywood Briefcase Watch Case