Have a Cosy Overnight Trip With the Ride Cabin

If you’ve ever had to take an overnight bus ride on Greyhound, you probably found yourself exhausted by the time that you arrive at your final destination. After all, the seats are not the most comfortable for sleeping.

A new bus service called Cabin offers a dreamy option for overnight travel—private sleeping cabins. With Cabin, you get on the bus and fall asleep in your cosy cabin. Then, you wake up feeling refreshed at your final destination. Cabin is a little more affordable than flying and a lot more convenient as you won’t have to worry about long security lines, hidden charges and delayed takeoffs.

The service currently runs between Los Angeles and San Francisco. You simply arrive 10 minutes before your departure at a centrally-located pickup location. Then, you are welcomed by attendants who show you to a comfortable and spacious lounge where you can unwind until it is time to leave.

cosy overnight trip the ride cabin side view

Passengers stay in small sleep pods, which feature foam mattresses, luxurious linens and shades that can be drawn for privacy. Each pod is outfitted with electrical outlets, a reading light and a shelf for your phone or electronics. Other helpful features include ear plugs, tea and a large water bottle. Cabin features complimentary WiFi for those night owls who need to get some work done or want to socialise. When you arrive at your final destination, you will be greeted with a fresh cup of coffee served by the attendant.

All of these extras make Cabin much nicer than your average aeroplane. The service plans to expand to other cities and may offer special pricing for frequent riders. We hope it comes to Australia soon.

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