ERW Takes on Jet Lag with Hydration Pack

There’s no two ways about—jet lag sucks. With 2019’s total number of commercial flights forecasted to hit 39.4 million, the largest number of flights ever, there are more and more travelers suffering from jet lag. ERW has come up with a Jet Lag Pack that takes on the challenge of jet lag with science.

After study and research, ERW found that the biggest contributor to jet lag is dehydration. Airplane cabins have a humidity level of less than 20 percent. An average man will lose roughly 2 liters of fluid over the course of a 10-hour flight. Chef Hanna Grant and sports scientist Stacy Sims put together ERW after working with professional cycling teams. “The jet lag part was a massive problem for the riders, the team, and the staff,” explains Grant. “We’ve designed a physiologically tailored three-step hydration solution that will combat the effects of travel fatigue, jet lag, and dehydration. The pack consists of three powder sachets. The first, called Prep, is meant to be drunk before boarding a flight. Rest should be taken during the flight, and is designed to help people make the adjustment to flying. “It calms your nervous system and helps you with natural melatonin content,” says Grant. “We help you trigger your own melatonin production so that you basically fall asleep. The final sachet, Wake, can either be consumed toward the end of the flight or after landing and is protein based (it contains 21 grams of protein) to help you recover from the flight by increasing blood flow, getting more oxygen to your brain and improving cognitive function. The sachets are all designed to be mixed with 500 ml of water. The drinks also include adaptogens, like Ginseng, which are non-toxic plants that may have benefits for humans. These are included to stimulate hormone production.

If you’ve experienced jet lag, then you’re most likely willing to try just about anything to beat it back. ERW works for professional athletes who have to compete after traveling, so why wouldn’t it work for you?

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