Ezra Arthur Low Profile Dopp Kit Keeps Things Tidy

The problem with toiletry bags is that they are just soft boxes that get things thrown into them. When it comes time to get what you need, you’re having to dig through the mess trying to find the specific item you want. It’s frustrating. Having a way to keep things organised would make travel that much easier.

Ezra Arthur’s Flat Folio Dopp Kit is a streamline, low profile, convenient way to keep things organised.

ezra arthur dopp kit inside view

The dopp kit is made of Horween leather and features bras snaps and hand-stitched detailing. Designed so that it can be completely opened on two sides, you can either set the bag on its side or hang it up depending on your situation. The kit is stain resistant and water resistant, making cleanup a simple affair of using a damp cloth.

front view ezra arthur kit

And it’s not just for toiletries. The handcrafted kit is perfect for tools, art supplies, and electronic accessories like headphones, chargers, and cables.

back ezra kit

The kits are made in the Ezra Arthur workshop in Phoenix, Arizona. You can request a custom monogram on your kit, or keep it simple and let the beauty of the Horween leather speak for the kit’s quality. The kit retails for USD$200.

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