Go Travelling with More Thanks to The GoBag

Go Travelling with More Thanks to The GoBag
December 7, 2017 Joe Cutcliffe

Go Travelling with More Thanks to The GoBag

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Travelling for extended periods with luggage is easily the most cumbersome and exhausting part of seeing the world when you’re young. Growing up and needing to frequently travel on short trips with more than just a carry-on is just as much of a pain in the ass, not to mention that checking baggage at every point of ingress and egress in each new destination is time consuming and not without its risks for your prized possessions.

Here’s where the the GoBag comes to the rescue.

With vac-pack capabilities, the tightly sealed compartment in the centre makes it easy to cram as many clothes in your carry on as possible. You can easily crush the air out and seal it off with your hands, or if you want to go pro then you can use an actual vacuum cleaner to suck the last bit of air from the contents. It also boasts more pockets than you’ll ever need, a 2m YKK zip to allow for easy access to everything inside, no matter where you packed it, waterproof fabric, magnetic buckles and an ultra-hardwearing base.

Whether you’re a chronic over-shopper when on tour, need a backpack that can hold it all but don’t want to schlep a bodybag on your back or want some extra room on overnight trips, the GoBag is an easy fix to a common problem.

Check it out

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