New Zealand Accent Voted World’s Sexiest

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Readers of Big Travel 7 have voted the New Zealand accent or ‘Kiwi’ as the sexiest in the world. Aussie comes in at a close, but not close enough 5th place. According to the popular travel website, the Kiwi accent is “outrageously charming.”

The comprehensive and highly inaccurate poll counts down the Top 50 Accents. Under New Zealand, South African took 2nd, Irish is 3rd, Italian 4th, then Australian in 5th.

At the other end, Croatian came in at 50th, described as “the least popular Slavic accent.” At 44th, New York is said to be “fast and hypernasal.” Made famous by trash TV, Geordie surprisingly made the list at 41st, despite being “notoriously difficult to understand.”

What’s more hurtful than being beaten by New Zealand is the accompanying comment about the Aussie Accent. “Pronouncing words long and slow – and often skipping the ends of them completely – is a real turn on apparently.” Ouch! That was unnecessarily mean.

So congrats New Zealand. Enjoy it. Put your feet up. Rest those jandals on a chilly bin and celebrate with your ‘bros.’ Yeah Nah?

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Here are the Top 25:

1. New Zealand
2. South African
3. Irish
4. Italian
5. Australian
6. Scottish
7. French
8. Spanish
9. South USA
10. Brazilian Portuguese
11. Czech
12. Queen’s English
13. Canadian
14. Hungarian
15. Ukrainian
16. Danish
17. Jamaican
18. Mancunian
19. Argentine
20. Zimbabwean
21. Filipino
22. Arabic
23. Turkish
24. Mexican
25. Vietnamese

You can see the remainder of the list via Big Travel 7 linked below.

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