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Opal Card in a hand

NSW Can Ditch Opal Cards from August

Is there anything worse than an Opal card? Having to lug around a stupid little card in order to take public transport, like we’re living in Edwardian times or something?

Well, the long nightmare is over. Transport for NSW has put an end to the medieval days of carrying the despised Opal card, by allowing travellers to tap on and off using whatever payment method they choose. Credit card, phone, smartwatch – however you like to pay for your travel, that’s now all you need to take advantage of the myriad benefits of public transport in old Sydney town.

The technology was rolled out last year for rail and ferries, but is now being introduced to the city’s bus network, with full coverage expected by September. Initially, the tap-on will charge you for one single adult fare, so concession Opals aren’t obsolete just yet – that’s just the price you pay for being a concession I guess.

Having one less item to remember to take with you when you travel has got to be a major plus in today’s world, when our wallets are full of bank cards, loyalty cards, zoo membership cards, and expired shopper dockets. It could be the greatest leap forward in pocket decluttering since the demise of Blockbuster.

General FAQ

Can I travel without an Opal card in NSW?

If you do not have an opal card you can travel using contactless card payment or buy a Opal single use ticket.

Can I use my Opal card to travel from Sydney to Newcastle?

Yes, you can travel on Sydney and Newcastle Light Rail, buses and Ferries, all Sydney Trains and NSW TrainLink Intercity trains using your opal card

How much does an opal card cost Sydney?

You can get an Opal card for free if you load the minimum amount of money onto it. Minimum $10 for adults and $5 for children.