PLEVO Strives for the Smartest Luggage Yet

Just when you thought smart luggage couldn’t get any smarter, PLEVO enters the fold. The nascent travel brand is currently slaying it over on Kickstarter, where they’ve introduced three new pieces of luggage, all of which are compliant with airline regulations by way of a removable battery pack. Respectively dubbed the PLEVO Runner, PLEVO Infinite, and PLEVO Up, each piece is functional in aesthetic and design alike, and tremendously smart, of course.

plevo smart luggage app

From every PLEVO model, expect a removable USB power bank, smart lock technology, a built-in digital scale, and compatibility with a Travel Assistant app. Opt for the Infinite or Up, and you get even more benefits like GPS location tracking. As if all that wasn’t enough, each PLEVO model hosts an exclusive feature. On the PLEVO Runner carry-on, it’s a removable sleeve for your laptop or tablet. On the PLEVO Infinite, it’s an expandable body. Last but not least, the PLEVO Up includes a proprietary garment hanger system.

Made using materials like polycarbonate, anodised aluminium, and polypropylene, PLEVO luggage is as durable as it is intelligent. Each piece is also equipped with efficient touch-ups like a wide handle and 360-degree, removable wheels. Available in four different colours, PLEVO luggage will have you travelling in smart style, indeed.

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