Put Sophistication On Your Back – The Otis Backpack by Tumi x Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting teamed up once again with luggage giants Tumi to create an ultimate carry-on that’s versatile enough to be used in any situation. Thanks to a savvy design and a premium Italian coated canvas, the Otis Backpack ensures durability, water resistance and top-shelf functionality, all while strapping pure sophistication to your back.

Allow me to pour through the insane amount of features this baby has. For starters there’s a hidden document sleeve in the back panel, along with a closed looped shoulder strap that they took from their first collaboration, a military-inspired black canvas rucksack. On the inside is an organiser’s dream (that’s me by the way). There are spots for your laptop, tablet, DSLR, headphones, water bottle, accessories and clothes. They have also added a pass-through sleeve on the back so users can slip it onto a roll-aboard bag, along with a Tumi ID lock pocket that shields chipped and electronic content from being scanned.

otis backpack tumi x cool hunting inside

Samples have been tested in NYC, Asia, Africa and Europe in all weather conditions to guarantee that the final product is perfect. This level of dedication to the testing process assures any buyer that they are getting the best of the best.

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