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Qantas Urges Flyers to Burn Through $400 Million COVID Credits

If you’re yearning to paint your skies with travel, then Qantas is just the ticket. Fresh off unveiling the latest A350 cabin design, the flying Kangaroo is revving its engines and gearing up to help customers recoup over $400 million in COVID-era travel credits. Whether you’ve got travel plans coming or are looking to embrace your spontaneity, you’ve got until 31 December 2023 to claim your rewards with the launch of a new customer tool, ‘Find My Credit’.

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Qantas Find My Credit Tool | Image: Qantas Group
Qantas Find My Credit Tool | Image: Qantas Group

Qantas Find My Credit

With $400 million in Qantas COVID credits still floating around – more than enough to send every bloke in Brisbane and his dog on a nice holiday (statistically speaking) – the national carrier wants you to cash them in for your next big adventure.

In a move that can only be described as the travel equivalent of finding a fiver in your jeans pocket, Qantas has launched a nifty tool called ‘Find My Credit.’ This tool will scour the records for bookings (up to three years old) that may have been changed more times than a boomerang flight path, thanks to the pandemic and shifting border restrictions.

Information about Qantas COVID credits | Image: Qantas Group
Information about Qantas COVID credits | Image: Qantas Group

Qantas COVID Credits

Qantas issued around $2 billion worth of COVID credits when borders slammed shut in March 2020, triggering mass flight cancellations. The figure now stands at a little over $400 million, split between bookings made directly with Qantas ($250 million) and bookings made through travel agents and third parties ($150 million).

Looking for a sweetener? How about double Frequent Flyer points for credit bookings before 31 July 2023? I can hear the tills ringing and the points stacking up already. But if you’d rather get your cash back, that’s not off the table either. Most customers can still opt for a refund, and Qantas has taken strides to streamline the process.

And this isn’t just some last-minute scramble. Qantas has been rolling out initiatives to make it easier for customers to redeem their credits, including extending the expiry date three times over, establishing a dedicated helpline and sending out reminder emails.

Markus Svensson, Qantas Group chief customer officer, acknowledges the complexity of the credit system but ensures that improvements are continually being made. He states, “Qantas has one of the most flexible COVID credit policies of any airline, including among our global peers, and we’ve extended the booking expiry date three times.”

Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce speaking at the announcement of the lounge upgrade | Image: Qantas
Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce speaking at the announcement of the lounge upgrade | Image: Qantas

How to Use Qantas Find My Credit Tool

So, how do I reclaim my QANTAS COVID Credits? The ‘Find My Credit’ tool on the Qantas website allows you to search for your COVID credits using your original booking reference, even if it has been reissued or converted to a Qantas Pass. If you prefer a refund and you booked directly through Qantas, you can call 13 13 13 to get your money back. If you booked through a travel agent, you should contact them directly.

For anyone sitting on a COVID credit, consider it your golden ticket. Whether seeing relatives in Perth, a surfing trip to the Gold Coast, or a romantic getaway in the wine country, your next great Australian adventure awaits you. Take advantage of this opportunity before the year’s end – your window seat to the world awaits.

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