Rimowa and Aesop Koln Travel Kit for Head to Toe Health on Holiday

The Rimowa and Aesop Koln Travel Kit comes in a handsome aluminium case with a custom wood inlay. That alone might be enough to tempt you to pick up this kit for your next set of travels. But as cool as the kit is, the contents are even better. Aesop put together a set of nine of their products that will keep your hair, body, mount, and skin healthy as you gallivant around the globe.

aesop koln travel kit bottle

The kit includes Aesop’s classic shampoo and conditioner, their Geranium leaf body cleanser and balm, a mouthwash, toothpaste, and a trio of Parsley Seed skin care products (facial cleanser, anti-oxidant facial toner, and anti-oxidant serum). Elastic bands keep all those products in place in the case. Extra bands on the case’s lid can be used to add in your toothbrush, razor, tweezers, and any other items you can’t leave home without.

aesop chamomile facial label

Rimowa’s Chief Brand Officer, Hector Muelas, described the kit as “a perfect example of functional luxury; a tool for purposeful travellers that encapsulates the thoughtfulness and consideration that both brands apply to the creative process.”

aesop koln travel kit

The kit retails for AUD$540 and is available on both the Aesop and Rimowa websites.

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