RIMOWA Location Inspired Coloured Suitcases

Many a lively discussion has taken place regarding who gets the window seat on an airplane. It’s not just that people want to avoid potential collisions with the cart when sitting in the aisle seat, but also for the view afforded by having a private window to the outside world.

RIMOWA suitcases display in store

You can catch glimpses of locations that you wouldn’t otherwise ever see. That’s what inspired the colours for Rimowa’s new collection of suitcases. The four colours were inspired by the “fleeting impressions of secluded places so often passed over that still beg to be visited.”

RIMOWA location inspired suitcase

The colours for the new suitcases are tied to remote locations that are normally only seen from plane windows. These colours and locations include coral for the Pink Lake in Western Australia; slate for the mines in Indonesia; sage, referencing the Lake District of North West England; and saffron for the canola flowers of Tuscany.

RIMOWA luggage in bed

Each suitcase is completely monochrome, with the selected colour covering the suitcase itself as well as the handle, sipper, badge, and wheel housing. The colours have been added to RIMOWA’s Essential Cabin, Essential Check-In L, and Essential Trunk Plus models, with prices of USD$700, $900, and $1,120 respectively.

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