The Journey of Lifetime: A Viking Ultimate 245-Day World Cruise

I’m sure you’ve said “life moves too fast,” at one point or another. And yet, did you do anything about it? Probably not. Now is your chance to change that. Hop aboard the Viking Sun as she circumnavigates the earth and take a trip around the world.

If you’ve waited until now to start your traveling, or if you’ve been an avid traveler your whole life, the Viking Sun cruise is a ticket to rack up travel miles and collect more stamps on your passport than more people do in a lifetime. All in all, the Viking Sun will sail from London back to London, cruising six of the world’s seven continents, and hit one hundred and thirteen of the greatest cities on the globe along the way.

viking ultimate travel cruise

Don’t just see different cultures, but live them. With 23 overnight stays in different destinations, this exciting journey is a trip of exploration, discovery, and wonder. Not only will this cruise make you look at travel differently, it will allow you to live differently. More days at sea, means more time to explore internally as well.

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