The TIC Skin Bottle Frees Up Space In Your Luggage

One of the biggest challenges to travel is getting everything you need for your trip to where you’re going. With fees mounting on taking extra luggage, being able to fit it all into one bag is increasingly important. That means that space is at a premium, so taking up vital room with skincare products might just push you to leave your regimen behind.

TIC has a new approach that will save you room and keep you organised. The TIC Skin Bottle holds all your skincare products in one unit that fits easily into your luggage and leaves plenty of room for everything else you’ll need.

TIC Skin Bottle

The system is pretty simple. The bottle holds a dispensing unit that you can fill with the products that you routinely use. When it’s time to clean up, simply twist and lift the unit in the housing, then press down on the corresponding section. Your skincare product is dispensed below. The bottom of the bottle also holds smaller containers for creams. Everything is clearly labelled so you won’t mix up your routine.

TIC Skin black Bottle

The Skin Bottle holds nine 20ml containers for things like toner, cleanser, serum, or makeup remover, and four 15ml decks for thicker products like day cream, night cream, and eye cream. It measures 18.6cm with a diameter of 7.4cm. It’s cylinder shape makes it easy to pack—no more bulky bags to hold all the products.

The containers are all easy to fill and clean, eliminating the never-ending search for travel-size versions of your favourite products. And each bottle is made from BPA-free polycarbonate, so your products will remain safe for you to use. The TIC Skin Bottle comes in matte white and matte black.

Keep your luggage space for the important things by not cluttering up your suitcase with bulky toiletry bags or loose products.

TIC Skin Bottle organises your skincare regimen into a travel-size unit that reserves space for all those knick-knacks you’ll pick up on vacation.

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