TripAdvisor Reckons that Sydney’s The Best Australia’s Got

Despite all the negative press that’s plagued the Emerald City in the past couple of years (housing prices, transport f*ck-ups galore and lockout laws, to name but a few), tourists still seem to think that Sydney is the duck’s nuts when it comes to picking an Aussie getaway.

Each year, travel website and home-of-the-snarky-self-appointed-reviewer, TripAdvisor, releases a list of top spots for tourists. Using an algorithm which examines the quantity and quality of reviews for each destination’s hotels, restaurants and attractions over a twelve-month period, as well as booking interest through their own site, the company are able to provide an accurate top-ten for each country and region.

Sydney came up trumps (also topping the list for the entire South Pacific region), with the Gold Coast hot on its tail (perhaps with thanks to the upcoming Commonwealth Games). Melbourne made third spot, despite its lack of beaches, stunning harbour, sun or good coffee, proving that a kickass late-night economy with excellent bars and clubs that never close is all you need to have a killer tourism trade (you reading this, Gladys?)

Hobart moved up to number five, with MONA’s affiliate festivals MONA FOMA and DARK MOFO dragging bigger and bigger crowds to the Apple Isle every year, but Queensland claimed half of the list, with Brissie, Cairns, Port Douglas and Noosa all joining their GC counterpart for a slice of the action.

Pat yourself on the back, Sydney. Then maybe fix your transport network, reopen your late night economy and build more houses. Just sayin’.

The full list:

  1. Sydney (average hotel rate $338* per night)
  2. Gold Coast (average hoyte rate $363* per night)
  3. Melbourne (average hotel rate $277* per night)
  4. Brisbane (average hotel rate $212* per night)
  5. Hobart (average hotel rate $238* per night)
  6. Perth (average hotel rate $221* per night)
  7. Adelaide (average hotel rate $213* per night)
  8. Cairns (average hotel rate $195* per night)
  9. Port Douglas (average hotel rate $312* per night)
  10. Noosa (average hotel rate $460* per night)

*Source: TripAdvisor

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