Turn Your Car into a Tent with the Crow’s Nest Rooftop Tent

Rooftop tents are becoming increasingly popular, but you won’t beat the quality of a Feldon Shelter Co. Crow’s Nest Rooftop Tent. Feldon’s tents fit a wide variety of vehicles, and you don’t need a custom roof rack as the tents feature adjustable base mounting channels. As for height, that’s adjustable as well. The tents include a 2.1 meter ladder, though a 1.8 meter height is recommended if you’re using an annex.

turn car rooftop tent crows nest

The only thing you need for the tents is a pair of adjustable roof racks or a roof cage capable of a minimum load of 60 kg. Closed, the tent measures 143 cm wide by 120cm long and 30 cm high. Open is a different story. The tent pops out to 143 cm wide by 240 cm long and 125 cm high—plenty of room to enjoy your next camping trip in. The tent also has extra wide hinges so there’s no need to unpack the tent before folding it back up. Just leave your gear in there and fold the tent over it.

Set up is quick and easy. Just fold out the ladder, which will unfold the tent. Within minutes you’re set and ready.

There are a number of options available. The regular ten comes in coal black and orange colors. There is also an extended rooftop tent. 2017 marked the release of their Bonus Room addition as well. The tents are all made of heavy duty, UV resistant, rip stop poly cotton canvas with double stitching.

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