All the Weird and Embarrassing Items You Left in Ubers Last Year

Ever left something behind in an Uber? Was it something kind of.. random? Hands down it can’t get any stranger than some of the weird items found in the back of Uber’s in the year just passed, with the brand’s seventh annual Lost & Found Index revealing some pretty wacky items people have failed to remember to take with them.

Whether it’s Mercury in retrograde (like your quirky wannabe astrologist neighbour who appears to be permanently attached to their telescope likes to remind you,) or just plain old, silly forgetfulness, some things on this year’s round-up are pretty shocking, to say the least. And while we’re not astronomers, we’ve heard that Mercury is hitting retrograde and people are feeling increasingly forgetful or just generally a bit out-of-the-ordinary.

The good news is you can now find solace in Uber’s seventh annual Lost & Found Index. If you’re a bit forgetful, it turns out you aren’t the only one, with thousands of Australians losing their marbles (literally) and forgetting their stuff is the back of the Uber. And some of the stuff that’s been left behind is pretty weird, wacky, and most of the time, very embarrassing.

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Items left in the back of ubers

Items found in the back of Ubers | Image: Uber

Some of our favourite unusual items in the Uber lost and found bucket this year include false teeth, a wedding dress, a rabbit’s medication, a girl’s number on a piece of paper who “might be the love of my life,” and, this one may be hard to believe – an Olympic gold medal!

Over the last year, Uber discovered that along with seemingly unforgettable bulky items like a lectern, a giant wall clock and even a fridge, passengers also seem to forget to take their most intimate items – adult toys, a costume and a diamante whip, to name a few.

In the spirit of the forgetfulness plaguing Aussies, a few quintessentially Australian items also made the list. Stubby holders, a Great Northern bar mat, thongs (of course), a 6 pack of Carlton, full esky coolers, and a koala teddy bear have all been found in Ubers.

“Uber’s annual Lost & Found Index is back for its seventh year and it’s more bizarre than ever. From a Harry Styles concert ticket to a taxidermied cat, Aussies have really outdone themselves when it comes to forgetfulness this year! The important thing to remember is that we do have a process if you suddenly realise you’ve left your phone, wallet or Harry Potter Wand in your driver’s car- head to the app for help and follow the prompts to retrieve your items,” said Hoa Nguyen, Head of Rider Operations at Uber ANZ.

In terms of the city that reigns most forgetful? Sydney and Perth tie and it is Brisbane that reigns as the Most Organised City, with Uber data confirming  Brisbane locals leave behind the least amount of items.

So, try to keep your wits about you so you don’t end up with something on next year’s list! Or, if all else fails and you succumb to the power of the planet, check out this page for instructions on how you can retrieve your lost items.

Find your lost Uber items

Items left in the back of ubers 2

Items found in the back of Ubers | Image: Uber

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