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Wander Launches Eco-Friendly Travel Pods on Kangaroo Island

Wander is a travel company promoting positive impact explorations of some of the most beautiful and pristine locations. Using off-grid accommodations—with such features as solar and water harvesting and storage, water-saving toilets, and grey water recycling—Wander is committed to a zero-waste system that helps protect the very beauty visitors have come to see. Now the brand is expanding its travel offering to include Kangaroo Island.

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WanderPods on Kangaroo Island | Image: Wander

“With proven results and feedback from the first location in the Scenic Rim, Queensland, Wander will build on the data and in-field experience to continue our next location on Kangaroo Island, South Australia in 2022,” explains Wander CEO Cassandra Sasso. “Guests stay in sustainable luxury and simplicity in a WanderPod that is grounded in beautiful and purposeful design and adds to the existing cellar door, restaurant and events at the property.”

The WanderPods will be located atop Tamar Ridge; there will be four in total. From this location, guests will be able to take in views of Snelling Beach and the Great Australian Bight. The island is also home to a large variety of locals (not just the namesake kangaroos), as well as incredible coastal rock formations and other majestic views. Each of the pods carries a name of constellations found only in the southern skies and are part of the Heavenly Waters family. The names refer to great oceans, rivers, sea creatures, and ships—Columba, Carina, Pyxis, and Vela. These one- and two-bedroom pods are completely self-sufficient, allowing you to become that much closer to the natural beauty of the island.

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Kangaroo Island | Image: Wander

This new Wander location received aid from a AUD$20 million fund arranged by the South Australian Tourism Commission. This fund awarded grants to 114 projects across the state, including Wander’s Kangaroo Island project. “With AUD$20 million in grants awarded across all 11 tourism regions,” said former premier Steven Marshall, “we’re supporting South Australian tourism businesses to attract more visitors who will stay longer and spend more—pumping AUD$74.5 million into the state and creating jobs for South Australians now and into the future. This fund is set to generate more than 600 ongoing jobs in South Australia’s visitor economy, on top of the more than 1,180 jobs created in construction, as the projects are built.”

So not only will you be helping to keep the environment sustained when you visit Wander’s Kangaroo Island location, you’ll also be helping to sustain the South Australia economy—that’s a win-win.

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WanderPods on Kangaroo Island | Image: Wander

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WanderPods on Kangaroo Island | Image: Wander

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Kangaroo Island | Image: Wander

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WanderPods on Kangaroo Island | Image: Wander