Why United Airlines is a Good Choice For Your Next US West Coast Holiday

United Airlines, being the third largest airline carrier in the world, recently launched another flight route that is already proving to be extremely popular. The inaugural flight from Melbourne to San Francisco, which we were lucky enough to be a part of, took off on the 31st of October and marks the fifth route out of Australia allowing travellers to connect to 70 destinations in America via it’s San Francisco hub.

On the day of the inaugural flight, we were joined by Julie Reid, United’s director of sales for Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti. “Australia continues to be a strong international market for United, and we are committed to connecting Australians to more destinations in North America. We know Australians love San Francisco and are proud we can now deliver Melburnians there in style.” – Julie says.

The new year-round route will fly three times per week (every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) on a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, and, all things considered, this expansion really does makes a lot of sense. After all, San Francisco is the second most visited US West Coast destination from Melbourne. It also means Australians can now connect to more than 70 one-stop destinations in the U.S. via United’s San Francisco hub, including New Orleans, Miami, Nashville and Portland.

So why is United a good choice for your next US West Coast holiday?

Since the latest addition of the nonstop Melbourne to San Francisco flight, they are now officially the most connected US airline service between Australia and the West Coast. It also happens to be the gateway to the World’s Best Business Class Lounge. That’s right. The United Polaris Lounge at SFO recently won the best business class lounge in the world and if this piques your interest, go check out our dedicated article here taking an in-depth look at the award-winning Polaris lounge. The San Francisco airport in itself is a world-class airport and among the 10 largest and 25 busiest in the world.

Furthermore, with the sleep-focused Polaris flights, you can arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to take on the day with minimal jetlag. And when I say sleep focussed, I really mean it. Equipped with Saks Fifth Avenue bedding (including a mattress that can be requested) and a pair of comfy United pyjamas, you will sleep like a baby indeed.

Another insider Polaris tip from yours truly is to definitely opt for the Choc Fudge Sunday as your dessert option and ask for a mid-flight snack of either the delicious lobster mac & cheese or the hearty cheese toasty that comes with warm tomato soup. Who knew plane food could be this good?

Thank you to the United team for hosting us on this incredible journey.

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