The Zippelin by Freitag is The World’s First Inflatable Travel Bag

Swiss luggage outfit Freitag are already well known as purveyors of cool stuff: for over 20 years they’ve taken old, used truck tarps from all over Europe and re-purposed them as one-off backpacks, messenger bags, laptop cases and wallets. They’d never been able to get one thing quite right though: a large travel bag with wheels. Up until now, that is. The main problem faced in development was simple: truck tarps aren’t exactly lightweight. This makes them an incredibly durable material to use, but add a frame and wheels to the mix and the whole unit is too heavy to practically use.

Necessity being the matriarch of the Swiss Family Invention that she is led to the Freitag team deciding to think outside the box frame, and what they came up with is so blindingly obvious it’s a wonder it hasn’t been done before. By fitting a standard bicycle inner-tube in a rectangular insert at the back, the requisite rigidity can be easily provided with a few squeezes of a bike pump. Simply clip on the detachable wheels and then you’re good to go, with 85 litres of storage – it’s all the travel bag you could ever need, and the neatness of the design doesn’t stop there.

lime color zippelin travel bag

Because it’s collapsible, you can deflate it and roll it up, meaning it takes up no more room than a shoe box when not in use. It’s also much lighter than its framed counterparts on the market – an ironic accomplishment considering the original design flaws. It can also be slung over your shoulder when you get to your destination, making it super versatile, too.

Currently floated on Kickstarter, there are still a few opportunities left to score one at a discounted introductory rate.

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 zippelin travel bag in the fridge

 zippelin travel bag in the rack

 zippelin travel bag in the shoulder

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