A Tribute to History – Almond Surfboards Kookbox

Inspired by waterman and craftsman, Tom Blake in 1930, the Kookbox style in surfboards was what Adidas Superstars and Stan Smiths are in today’s world. Almond Surfboards are paying tribute to this trend with their own artistic rendition.  The Kookbox has an EPS foam core and is skinned with 1/8” Walnut lumber. This masterpiece is finished with tongue oil that is water resistant and accessorised with a solid brass drain plug. Why a drain plug? Well, a drain plug was traditionally on the original Kookboxes, as they leaked water. So after a surfing session, users would need to drain the sea water. The inclusion of this showcases Almonds Surfboards attention to every detail of the original. Like many sneakerheads say with Jordans… “They never make it like they used to”, it’s the surfing equivalent. But Almond Surfboards have pull out all stops with stunning results. This piece of art wouldn’t look out of place in a gallery.

almond surfboards kookbox making

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