TRNTBL from VNYL is the World’s First Wireless Turntable

Music sounds better on vinyl. It’s a fact. But until now, the listening experience has been polluted by complicated connections and messes of wires. The record subscription service VNYL has announced that they are entering the hardware market with TRNTBL, the world’s first wireless turntable.

TRNTBL features a range of sharing and streaming services. The record player is capable of identifying the vinyl spinning and sharing the information with social media and Spotify in real time. Additionally, TRNTBL streams uncompressed audio to Sonos’ line of audio products. VNYL plans to integrate TRNTBL with Apple Airplay and Bluetooth devices including external speakers and wireless headphones in the near future.

vnyl world first wireless turntable aluminum surfaces

Available in matt black or soft creme, trimmed with gold and sporting a transparent turntable, the TRNTBL brings together simplicity and beauty with its smooth lines and clean aesthetic. VYNL entered the hardware market with the goal of making records more accessible to modern consumers and the wealth of premium vinyl listeners. They may have inadvertently revolutionised the vinyl industry at the same time. You can pre-order a TRNTBL right now from the official website. They are expected to begin shipping sometime during the winter of 2016.

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