True Bromance – Young Henrys Craic & Barrel Irish Red Ale

Or should we say “brewmance”? Whatever the term, Australian craft brewery Young Henrys and legendary Irish Whisky maker Jameson began courting each other as early as 2015. After maybe a few awkward dates and perhaps some heavy petting, the time came for the two brands to hop into bed and it looks like protection wasn’t involved because they presented some stellar offspring at last week’s Craft Beer Week Event in Sydney. The name of their precious little heart-stopper (and palate pleaser) is Young Henrys Craic & Barrel, a limited edition Red Ale that’s aged in Irish Whisky casks and bursting with absolute distinction and flavour.

craic & barrel beer sticker

The partnership between Young Henrys and Jameson was at least in part inspired by Jameson’s own experimental forays into the threshold between beer and whisky. Their recently unveiled and widely heralded Caskmates expression aged Irish Whisky in stout barrels from the Franciscan Well Brewery. With the idea mill still churning, Young Henrys had Jameson ship them a bunch of Irish Whisky casks and filled those casks with their signature Irish Red Ale. The result was Craic & Barrel, which is being touted as the ideal accompaniment to go with Jameson Caskmates. Yes, that means you can now order a shot of whisky aged in beer barrels to go with your pint of beer aged in whisky barrels. Crazy times we live in, folks.

jameson irish whisky

Only 1500 bottles of Young Henrys Craic & Barrel Irish Red Ale were produced so definitely get it while supplies last. The killer brew is available at Young Henrys brewery in Newtown and a select number of locations in the Inner West area of Sydney. Drink responsibly. And by that we mean go nuts but don’t drive home, dummy.

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