Twist and Stout – Jameson Whiskey Caskmates

Sure, Jameson could rest on its wildly successful laurels and focus solely on their renowned Irish Whisky that’s served at more or less every watering hole on the planet…or they can continue to exhibit the qualities of craftsmanship and distillation that made them such a stellar brand in the first place. That means pursuing new flavours and new expressions and making a great thing even greater. Guess which avenue they chose?

jameson caskmates whisky

Jameson Caskmates is a release that ages the brand’s signature Irish Whisky is stout-seasoned oak casks from Cork Franciscan Well Brewery. Drinkers of Irish Whisky are probably familiar with Irish stout, a dark beer typically made used roasted barley and hops. Just by saying the word “stout”, seasoned drinkers can already taste those luxuriously dense notes of coffee and cocoa on their palates. It’s therefore not hard to imagine the kind of remarkable complexity that stout-seasoned oak barrels might lend Jameson whisky, which already hosts its own mild abundance of rewarding flavour.

jameson whisky poured in glass

The result of such a unique aging process is an exceptional dram that adds fruit and pot-still spices to the nose and layers of rich, sweet notes like coffee, chocolate, marzipan and butterscotch to the body. Naturally those wonderful notes are all joined by the smooth, triple-distilled taste of Jameson Irish Whisky that we’ve all come to know and love. Next time you’re at the bar, instead of getting the shot of Jameson and the draft of stout, consider killing two birds in one delicious stone and order up some Jameson Caskmates neat instead.

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