An Ultraceuticals Mandelic Facial Delivered by Face of Man

If most of what you know about skincare comes from Patrick Bateman’s morning routine in American Psycho, it’s because you haven’t had an Ultraceuticals Mandelic Facial skin treatment delivered by the male grooming clinic, Face of Man. Last week I was lucky enough to experience such a treatment, shedding my relative ignorance about skin – and my top layer of it – to bring you the word on products and regimens to keep your skin healthy under our harsh Australian sun.

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Ultraceuticals is an Australian cosmeceutical skincare company, founded in 1998 and developed by cosmetic physician Dr Geoffrey Heber with a team of Australian and international chemists. The products in their range were formulated with the most potent, effective and affordable active ingredients possible without the need for a prescription. Literally; a doctor’s presence would have been required if the Ultraceuticals products used in my treatment were any stronger – this stuff packs a punch.

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Given the paramedical nature of an Ultraceuticals skin treatment, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that Face of Man’s grooming parlours contain some very serious equipment; the dimly lit room, flickering candles and gentle music remind you that you thankfully aren’t in fact visiting the dentist. While men ultimately seek these treatments for visible, long-lasting cosmetic results, the overall experience is extremely relaxing – surely the combination of the complimentary scotch on arrival; the use of hot steam and face towels; generous shoulder and scalp massage and reassuring commentary from my excellent dermal therapist, Renata, who promised that she wouldn’t make my face fall off. Using the brand new Ultraceuticals Ultra for Men Essentials range, my skin was cleansed, exfoliated, treated, peeled, moisturised and protected – Pat Bateman would be proud.

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If you’re looking for tailored attention for your skin, there really is no substitute for an appointment with Face of Man on George St Sydney. Though, as Face of Man’s skincare range of choice, Ultraceuticals’s products are also effective used outside and beyond a professional treatment – after all, sometimes we just don’t have time for an hour-long facial before jumping on the train to work. Ultraceuticals’s Ultra Men’s Essentials Pack will simplify your daily skincare routine into just a few applications. Ultra for Men is available in a basic or advanced program, both addressing skin clarity, dryness, pigmentation, and the effects of sun damage and ageing.

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Whether you have some issues with your skin, haven’t really given it much thought, or are just conscious of the effects of ageing and Australia’s summer sun; never forget Patrick Bateman’s immortal advice – ‘You can always… look better.’

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