Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin Is a Smooth and Complex Gin

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin is brought to you by California-based 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. August Sebastiani, who heads 3 Badge, decided to name a gin after his uncle, Valerio. Valerio was an Italian physician who loved to garden and cook. In honour of Uncle Val’s memory, Sebastiani has commissioned three gins. Each is matched with the flavour combination that Uncle Val enjoyed the most. These gins are inspired by his love for gardening and Tuscan cuisine.

uncle val's botanical gin full bottle

This particular small batch gin features a sophisticated, yet a pleasing combination of flavours. It is distilled five times from grain. Uncle Val’s favourite botanicals for the garden were cucumber, sage, lemon, juniper and lavender. This gin does an excellent job of evoking the essence of these flavours.

The nose immediately evokes limes. It reminds one of lime scented after shave that old school barbers sometimes use. There is quite a bit more of the lime character on the tongue. The overwhelming notes in this gin are flowers especially chrysanthemums and lavender. Other flavours include cucumber, which gives the spirit a cooling effect and juniper.Overall, it offers a crisp, refreshing taste, which is perfect if you are looking for something a little more complex.

uncle val's botanical gin making process

Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin is dangerously easy to drink thanks to the overwhelming citrus character. Although this gin goes down super smooth, the sweet character is deceptive. At 45 percent ABV, this gin packs quite a punch. You’ll want to keep track of how many of these you drink.

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uncle val's botanical gin two bottle

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