University of NSW’s Banksia Project Shines a Light on Men’s Mental Health

The The Banksia Project is a volunteer-based initiative aimed at shifting the cultural conversation surrounding men’s mental health. For starters, that means de-stigmatising preconceived notions about mental health.

However, the charity takes this agenda a few crucial steps further by hosting open forums with the community at large and then closed door groups to support those in need. The end goal is to create a proactive environment where men are encouraged to share their stories of recovery so that others might come forward with their own afflictions.

The Banksia Project Garden Rooms will host Olympian Matt Shirvington, former Sydney Swans leader Wayne Schwass, former Wallaby James Holbeck and former Test cricketer Ed Cowan in a forum to discuss Mental Health in Sport on May 30 at Sydney University- Eastern Auditorium from 6:30pm- Tickets are free and available on the website.

university of nsw a light on men

The ‘Heart on My Sleeve Movement’ will be presented at the Garden Rooms and see The Banksia Project team up with other mental health partners including Batyr and LifeLine, to support the social grassroots campaign led by Mitch Wallis.  It’s designed to break down the final wall in de-stigmatizing mental illness amongst young millennials and create a movement towards true acceptance and social wellbeing. It was founded on the belief that we say “it’s ok to talk”, but very few people are actually volunteering their story, or even when they do, they aren’t allowing the conversation to get a level that’s authentic or therapeutic, in fear of being judged. We want to take that next step, and give people the confidence to be vulnerable – not just for themselves, but for others. You can view the launch video and see how you can get involved at the link below.

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