Upgrade and Optimise Your Health with the Under Armour Healthbox

We just got back from an event at the Under Armour offices here in Sydney and it’s tough not to feel just a little malnourished. Such a thing is only natural after being in a room with fitness experts like Olympic performance coach Nam Baldwin and TRX master coach Marin Lazic, as well as renowned dietitian Jaime Rose Chambers. They were all there to basically tell us how inadequate we were–just kidding. They were actually there to talk about exercise, nutrition, sleep patterns and Under Armour’s new Connected Fitness system: HealthBox.

 armour band in the girl hand

The Under Armour HealthBox achieves a world first by offering the next tier of synergy between virtually every arena of personal health–a one-stop shop for all your fitness needs. It was created in partnership with athletes and those who live health-conscious, proactive lifestyles. The set includes a Under Armour Band, which utilizes the latest technology to track essentials like steps and sleep, the Under Armour Scale, a circular Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled scale that can measure everything from weight to body fat for up to eight individuals, and Under Armour Heart Rate, an innovative and compact heart rate monitor designed to fit perfectly so as not to interfere with your work-out. And last but not least is the Under Armour Record APP, aka the central nervous system through which all data flows so you can track your progress accordingly.

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What HealthBox and by extension Under Armour are asking us is that we optimise. Every human being might be different in personality, but for the most part our muscles and cells respond to external factors in the same way. In other words it’s not a stretch to say the human body is kind of like a machine and things such as exercise, proper sleep and a nutritional diet get our gears pumping and motors churning at maximum efficiency.

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According the experts, achieving maximum efficiency means things like drinking less alcohol and caffeine, eating healthier foods like dark leafy greens, and enjoying snacks like nuts and the occasional banana throughout the day. It means hydrating properly and finishing your last meal at least 1.5 to 2 hours before going to bed. It means regulating sleep patterns, reducing stimuli like computers and bright lights an hour before bedtime, and aiming for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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If all of these regulations sound prohibitive, they really aren’t once you get into the swing of a routine. That’s exactly what makes HealthBox so beneficial. Think of it as the personal fitness trainer you only have to pay for once. Like the experts we listened to, HealthBox stresses the importance of regiment and makes it easier than ever before to stay on task. With accessories like the Under Armour Band, Under Armour Scale and Under Armour Heart Rate Monitor you can boil your physical being down to pattern and adjust accordingly, keeping pace with all your latest stats on the Under Armour Record App.

armour record app with healthbox

Of course not all of us are training for our next triathlon. Some of us like our weekend binges and two cups of coffee in the morning. However, even those of you who don’t want to sacrifice their vices can benefit from HealthBox by simply staying informed and doing what you can. In other words the system doesn’t oblige you to turn into a fitness guru overnight as much as it’s there to help ensure you don’t lapse into pure idleness. Think of HealthBox as the necessary nudge that reminds you that you didn’t take enough steps or you aren’t sleeping as well as you should. You can then optimise according to your preferences, reducing body fat and achieving a better heart rate without going overboard.

Ultimately, HealthBox is there for you. Should you want a total fitness makeover, you’re equipped to improve in virtually every arena. Should you simply want to focus on one aspect of personal health over another, let the data be your guide. Your body is a machine and whether you want it to be a shiny new Rolls Royce or a used beat-up Pinto is your decision to make. Either way, HealthBox is there when you need it. Now if you don’t mind, we’re off to eat a banana.

Under Armour Healthbox