Vagabund Needs No Experience to Build Incredible Bikes

Vagabund, a custom motorcycle shop out of Graz, Austria, unveiled their V09 1992 BMW R80RT custom, and it just goes to show that even with only two years of experience, you can leave the competition in the dust. Vagabund started with a BMW R80RT and went full tilt. They started by minimalizing the wiring and cables by adding in 3D-printed switch housings. They also 3D printed a seat, which was added to their handmade rear frame. The seat itself is quilted leather and very skinny. The front forks were lowered and shortened by 60mm for a more aggressive stance. The solid rear rim, painted black, easily catches the eye as it stands out in stark contrast from more traditional rims. The tank also captures attention. It’s big on the bike, making it the stand-out feature. The paint job lends to that attention-grabbing quality. The tri-color—black, silver, and bronze—paint job ties nicely into both the front and back tires.

vagabund custom motorcycle feature

Starting with a 1992 R80RT tourer was a smart move. The BMW has a solid reputation, and the bike had very low mileage before the build ever began. Adding in top-shelf prats from Grimeca (brake cylinder), Motogadget (turn signals), and Continental (ContiRoadAttack tires, K&N filters), improved function without abandoning Vagabund’s minimalistic and clean approach to builds. This is a bike that will stand out from the rest while also outperforming them—and what more could you want from a custom bike?

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vagabund custom motorcycle seat

vagabund custom motorcycle man checking

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