Vaya Office Chair – Your Spine Will Thank You

The plight of the desk job worker: the chair that does our back in. All day long every day we sit in the same damn chair. You know the process. You walk in that morning and take a seat. All seems to be in order, the chair seems reasonably comfortable and doing its job. But before long its past lunch time and you are noticing weak points in your posture that you had not an hour ago, and then the ache sets in. Well fear not! Positiveposture has brought to us the Vaya Chair. This is an office chair that is based on the technology behind sports cars! Designed with the intention of maximizing your comfort while adapting to your every movement and offering the best support possible. Running on the sports car theme, they also come in a variety of sports car colors and finished inspired by world renounced sports cars. Your spine will thank you.

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