The Venture Backpack Pouch Keeps Your Gadgets Snug

Whether it’s for travel or an everyday commute, the amazing Venture Backpack from This is Ground has you covered quite like nothing else. And before you scoff at the $800 price tag, consider the fact that this will probably be the last backpack you ever buy. Made of smooth and sturdy vegetable tanned Italian leather, the Venture Backpack also comes equipped with a built-in tracking device and its own internet field. To call it modern would be an understatement. This is 21st century craftsmanship at its finest.

venture travel backpack hardware carry part

Available in two sizes and six colours, the Venture Backpack seamlessly blends modernity with perennial appeal. After all, no one argues with premium leather and a brilliant design. Pair those timeless qualities with built-in tracking and specs like a TSA approved “tray” for your laptop and you’re looking at some truly contemporary artisanship.

venture travel backpack easily carry

In summary, the Venture Backpack will basically last forever. It’s roomy and equipped with plenty of nifty pocket space. It will protect your gear or gadgetry in basically any terrain. When paired with WiFi from Karma, it comes with its own Internet field. Most importantly, you couldn’t lose it if you tried. Buy it and check “backpack” off your wishlist for good.

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