The Vertepac is the First Backpack With its Own Spine

With a slogan like “The World’s First Backpack With Its Own Spine”, we simply had to check out the Vertepac. And it turns out the tech matches up with the coolness of the slogan. The Vertepac features a patented Parallel Spine-technology that helps provide great performance and comfort from the backpack. The Parallel Spine mimics the mechanics of your body, moving as you do throughout the day. It helps by mitigating some of the load from your shoulders and allowing your upper body to move smoothly and freely. When wearing the Vertepac, you can really turn, twist and bend in any direction without feeling restricted.

vertepac backpack features

Given the unique tech involved in this backpack, it is quite versatile and durable. It might just be the perfect backpack for your sports activities, hikes or travels this summer.

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vertepac backpack blue

vertepac backpack blue frame

vertepac bike backpack side

vertepac backpack belt