Veuve Clicquot’s Extra Brut Extra Old Plays With Conventions

Since 1805, when the Madame Clicquot took over the eponymous champagne house and started pioneering things that are standard practice today, in one of the most luxurious product categories in the world, Veuve Clicquot have been pushing boundaries.

While their Non-Vintage expression, famed for its mustard-yellow label, fine bead and delicate brioche nose, is a favourite for many wine lovers worldwide, the house have once again tweaked convention, and are releasing what they’re calling an ‘Extra Brut Extra Old’ champagne.

veuve clicquot extra brut extra old plays

An ‘Extra Brut’ classification is given to bubbles that have a lower dosage of sugar to the vintages, in this case only 3 grams (in comparison to the 6 grams added to the yellow label). The reason for this is the balance already awarded to the wine by the use of ‘Extra Old’ vintages (Veuve have one of the most famous collections of back-vintages in the region.) Wines from as far back as 1988 have been blended to create a new N.V champagne, but one with the richness and roundness of an old vintage.

In short? This is a premium product for a lower price than a famous vintage expression, and well worth the extra dosh for the step-up from its yellow-labelled brother.

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