Victorinox VX Touring Collection

Do you plan to trek, camp or hike this winter? Any journey begins with a durable travel bag. If you are planning an adventure anytime soon, you want a luggage set that will prevail against the elements. Fortunately, Victorinox Swiss Army just released the VX Touring Collection that is perfect for any explorer. All of the pieces in this collection would withstand multiple unforgiving trips through the backcountry.

new victorinox vx touring bag side view

There is no single piece of luggage is perfect for all kinds of travel. That’s why choosing from among a collection of pieces is important. Here are some tips to help you choose the right bag or bags for your trip.

Choose Something Lightweight

When it comes to choosing luggage for an adventure vacation, you want to pack smart and light. Who wants to carry around a ton of weight, especially if your travels will take you off the beaten path a bit? The Victorinox VX Touring Collection pieces are constructed of super lightweight material. They are ultra-light and easy to carry just about anywhere.

Pick Luggage That Will Last

Durability is important when travelling. We like the Victorinox VX Touring Collection pieces because they are made from directional durable materials and engineered with Swiss preciseness. This means that this will withstand the toughest conditions.

Waterproofing is a Must

If you are an adventure traveller, you probably take lots of valuable goods with you—your camera, phone, clothes and even food. The last thing that you want is for your expensive electronics equipment to get soaked. So, protect your valuables by choosing a waterproof backpack like the VX Touring Laptop Backpack.

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new victorinox vx touring bag carry system

new victorinox vx touring bag outlook shape

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