The Voyager Weekender is a Leather Wrapped Dream

Luxury goods brand This is Ground operates in downtown Los Angeles. Being equidistant from the nearest fashion house and tech hub alike is duly reflected in their products. Take, for example, the stunning Voyager Weekender. It’s a roomy, 100% leather travel bag that bridges the gap between old school craft and new school design. Put simply, it’s a beautiful bag built to last and accommodate. Unsurprisingly, it’s also bound to draw envious eyeballs the way premium leather always does.

the voyager weekender leather wrapped inside view

In addition to offering an ultra-wide mouth and tons of space for your gear, the Voyager Weekender incorporates features like optional WiFi integration and an organised tech pod providing easy access to your cords and devices. Included with every purchase is a pocket-sized Karma Go in a custom leather sleeve. Upon syncing the bag with the accessory, you can receive WiFi no matter where you are. For this reason alone, the bag transcends its function as a place to keep your stuff on the go. Rather, it becomes a tool or appliance, all while never losing its formidable aura as luxurious travel gear.

the voyager weekender leather wrapped handle

Available in six colours, the Voyager Weekender asks that we disassociate our preconceived notions of what 21st century tech-friendly design should look like. The word “tech” alone doesn’t have to mean materials like aluminium or plastic or moisture wicking fabric. By contrast, the Voyager Weekender brings quality leather to the forefront, seamlessly combining it with all sorts of contemporary savviness. The result is a product with centuries of craftsmanship behind it, made exclusively for the modern adventurer.

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