Wander Ware a Touch of Class Without Glass

It’s a familiar horror. We’ve all had it happen to us at some stage. You’ve pitched the tent, started a cracking fire, put air in your mattress for the evening and it’s time to enjoy a delicious well-earned martini, only to discover that your crystal cocktail-ware didn’t survive the trek to the campsite. Whether you’re into glamping and Gimlets or just a camper who craves a Cosmo, you need not despair, for Fred & Friends have got you covered with Wander Ware. Made out of unbreakable enameled steel, these bad-boys come in large and small rocks, wine goblets and classic martini format, so you’ll never be caught out in the wilderness in a pre-cocktail panic at 4:59 ever again. Also perfect for picnics, they are one of the cleverest concepts from this company’s range of wares, catering to the ever-growing marketplace for people who like their outdoors adventure with a side of luxury. Or olives.

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