Warm Weather Calls For Baron Samedi’s Spiced Rum

Each season has its drinks which correspond with how you feel and how the temperatures affect everything from mood to comfort level. While the winter can be a great time to sip on whiskeys and bourbons, the warmers days of the summer call for a whole new repertoire in your liquor cabinet. Rum season is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen, and if you want to feel like you’re escaping to the tropics, look no further than Baron Samedi Spiced Rum.

samedi spiced rum bottle

The website is under construction, and the excitement for drinking this rum is building as the Springtime release approaches. The Baron Samedi rum features Caribbean column still rum and a small amount of Jamaican pot still rum. It is made of 100% natural ingredients including vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon and the brand’s signature spice, Haitian Vetiver – a bunch grass that adds earthy and woody notes. Baron Samedi wants to make sure you party on, as the rum is specifically blended to be paired with traditional spiced rum mixers such as cola or ginger beer, or to be enjoyed as a shot.

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