The Western Digital My Passport Wireless Pro – Storage Made Simple

With modern computers using solid-state hard drives, the reliability on cloud technology for storage has become greater than ever, resulting in widespread use of external hard drives to keep back-ups of necessary files, music, video, photographs and digitally stored information. With this, the technology for external storage has been enhanced too, and the brains at Western Digital (WD) have released this wireless external storage that acts as your own mini-cloud, whilst storing the data in a more secure format.

Wirelessly move data to and from the My Passport Wireless Pro, use a USB 3.0 cable for super-fast transfers, connect with a USB 2.0 cable for your external devices, charge your smartphone or DSLR camera in the field, or stream HD video to a smart TV, the possibilities available resulting from the wireless technology used here are endless. Available in 2TB or 3TB formats, this is a great step forward in the way of external storage solutions and it’s easy to see wireless as being the future for reliable data caching.

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